Frostlögs-/ad blue-/sýru-mælir - Würth á Íslandi ehf.
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For reliable testing of coolant anti-freeze, battery acid and AD Blue in one unit Simple test of display accuracy with distilled waterAutomatic temperature compensation between 10°C–30°CThe exact measuring result is determined by the principle of optical refractionReliable display due to sharp light-dark separating lineAdjustable resolution to individual visual acuityDifferentiates between anti-freeze in propylene glycol and ethylene glycolPropylene glycol is mainly used as an anti-freeze agent outside EuropeEthylene glycol is mainly used as an anti-freeze agent within EuropePrecise result even with different compositionIncludes:Optical tester2 x extraction pipettesCalibrating screw driverCaseOperating instructionsCleaning cloth
  • Min. temperature conditions -50 °C

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Frostlögs-/ad blue-/sýru-mælir 0704 510 1x
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Frostlögs-/ad blue-/sýru-mælir

Vörunúmer: 0704 510

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  • Min. temperature conditions

    -50 °C