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Tool-free changing of abrasives for angle grinders. Tightened and removed again by hand.

For angle grinders up to max. Ø 150 mm with commercially available M14 spindle thread

If necessary, quick-action nut can also be loosened with face wrench

  • Holes are located below the clip

  • Use suitable face wrench

Once the clamping flange and separating or roughing wheel are mounted, the free grinding spindle length must be at least 3 mm.

  • Height 9 mm
  • Diameter 49 mm

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Skífuró á slípirokk fixtec 0702 480 900 1x
Alternate Text

Skífuró á slípirokk fixtec

Vörunúmer: 0702 480 900

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  • Height

    9 mm
  • Diameter

    49 mm