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6 pieces. Flexible ratchet head provides greater freedom for fingers and for overcoming obstacles.

Very rugged, strong ratchets for high tightening torques

  • Design: Metric

  • Drive: Ring side POWERDRIV®, bi-hexagon, finely toothed, 72 teeth

  • Standard: Max. torque in line with DIN 899

  • Material: Chromium-vanadium steel

  • Surface: Chrome-plated, matt satin finish

  • Geometry: Head offset 15°, ring side 180° joint, strong heads for heavy-duty applications

This special tool may only be subjected to the maximum torque. For this reason, the wrenches are only suitable for loosening bolts to a limited extent.

  • Number of pieces in assortment/set 6 PCS

Vörunafn M. í kassa
Skrall-liðlyklasett 8-19mm 6stk. 0714 263 50 1x
Alternate Text

Skrall-liðlyklasett 8-19mm 6stk.

Vörunúmer: 0714 263 50

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  • Number of pieces in assortment/set

    6 PCS