Úrsnararasett 6,3-20,5mm - Würth á Íslandi ehf.
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Úrsnararasett f. stál

Úrsnararasett f. stál
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6 pieces, consisting of diameters 6.3–20.5 mm. Designed specifically for processing conventional steels and cast iron.

Burr- and chatter-free countersinking and deburring

Precision conical countersink with 3 cutting edges, precision-ground

Optimised flute geometry

Outstanding chip formation and removal


See overview tables for countersink/material assignments

  • Number of pieces in assortment/set 6 PCS

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Úrsnararasett 6,3-20,5mm stál 0694 017 01 1x
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Úrsnararasett 6,3-20,5mm stál

Vörunúmer: 0694 017 01

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  • Number of pieces in assortment/set

    6 PCS